COVID-19 Update

Dear valued partner,

We want to update you regarding a change in the global force majeure on bookings that we declared on Tuesday 17 March.

At that moment we excluded domestic bookings for the United States, Canada and Latin American markets (meaning any booking where the source country and the destination country were the same).

However, since then further restrictions have been put in place by governments across the region and we now feel that we must act to protect the safety of travellers.

Therefore we are now including the United States, Canada and Latin America as part of our global force majeure with effects from 19 March.

There are however some small exceptions: domestic bookings (i.e. where the source country and the destination country are the same) in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico & Cuba will NOT be included in this force majeure.

Therefore we will now allow any traveller – with the exceptions of the above – who wishes to do so the option to cancel their reservation (without facing a cancellation charge) for both refundable and non-refundable bookings, including for no-shows.

However, the ‘force majeure’ does not apply to bookings where the traveller has already arrived at the destination (suppliers can expect payment for these bookings).

To find out the full details about the global force majeure please go to our website dedicated to keeping you up-to-date:

We are living through an unprecedented moment and we are conscious of the very significant impact this is having on your business.

Therefore rest assured that we are doing everything possible — including providing extra staff — to support the high number of requests for changes and cancellation of bookings.

In the meantime, wherever possible we would like to ask you to hold back on contacting our call centres about bookings that are not for arrival in the next 72 hours. This allows us to prioritise our resources on the more important cases, something that is in everyone’s interest you will agree.

We value your partnership greatly and thank you for your understanding and support.

Should you have any questions relating to this, please do not hesitate to contact your Hotelbeds contracting manager.

Kind regards,