COVID-19 Update

Dear valued partner,

We want to let you know that we have extended the dates of the global force majeure further – and it will now last until 15 June.

The continued lock-down across Europe, North America and many other regions around the globe, leads us to believe this the only responsible option possible.

Clearly there are some exceptions – not least depending upon when a booking is cancelled or modified – and we urge you to review the full details on our dedicated COVID-19 website. The website include other important details such as the full list of closed destinations (where we are proactively cancelling bookings).

We would like to remind you that just because a booking is eligible for the force majeure, it does not mean that Bedsonline is proactively cancelling the booking (as we are, however, doing for destinations that are closed). Instead, the global force majeure simply means that clients can choose to cancel a booking and receive a full refund without a cancellation charge.

In some markets around the world we are pleased to note that some limited travel is starting to resume again, not least at a domestic level. However, for those of you whose customers are travelling over the coming period we would like to remind you that due to local government measures and guidelines put in place by individual providers to protect travellers through social distancing measures, it is likely that travellers may find that not all normal facilities and services are available. We apologise for any inconvenience this unavoidable change may cause.

Once I again I´d like to assure you that we are revising our policies continually and taking all steps possible to support partners.

As always your regular local Bedsonline contact can respond to any questions or support you might require.

Kind Regards,

Carlos Muñoz
Managing Director - Hotelbeds