COVID-19 Update

Dear valued partner,

Please be informed that we have extended the dates of the global force majeure until 30 June.

Despite many destinations around the world starting to exit from lockdown, unfortunately many restrictions are still in place that stop people actually arriving at the destination and therefore we feel that extending the global force majeure policy is the only responsible option possible.

As always there are some exceptions – not least depending upon when a booking was made, cancelled or modified – and we urge you to review the full details on our dedicated COVID-19 website.

Additionally we would like to draw your attention to three important developments:

· We would like to remind you that just because a booking is eligible for the force majeure, it does not mean that Hotelbeds is proactively cancelling the booking. Instead, the global force majeure policy simply means that you can choose to cancel a booking and receive a full refund without a cancellation charge. Any cancellations must be done before arrival. 

· For those of you whose customers are now travelling we would like to remind you that local government measures and guidelines put in place by individual travel services providers – including hotels, transfer, car rental, theme parks, tours, events and other ancillaries – are leading to social distancing measures to protect travellers.

   - Therefore it is likely that hotel guests may find that some facilities – for example the swimming pool, gym area, or buffet halls – will understandably not be available.

   - Equally travellers with tickets for theme parks, tours and other activities might find some elements have been adapted or removed.

   - In the case of multi-day tours different restrictions could be imposed by different local authorities (nonetheless we will endeavor to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information).

   - We apologise for any inconvenience these unavoidable changes may cause.

· As the sales market slowly returns travellers are now clearly aware of the restrictions and potential risks associated with making a travel reservation.

   - Therefore please note that it is the responsibility of the traveller to choose the most appropriate rates – whether that be flexible or non-refundable – when booking hotels, transfers, car rentals, theme parks, tours, events and other ancillaries, according to their needs in view of current COVID-19 travel restrictions.

   - For new bookings created as of or later than June 1st, cancellations will be processed according to the applicable terms & conditions of the booking.
As always your regular local Hotelbeds contact can respond to any questions or support you might require.

Kind Regards
Team Hotelbeds