Gender Pay Gap

Donvand UK Ltd operates as a B2B platform for hotel and destination services within the global travel sphere.

The company is required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.   This Gender Pay Gap Report is based on data as at the 5th April 2018. These figures have been reached using the mechanisms that are set out in the gender pay gap legislation.

Donvand UK Ltd was acquired by Hotelbeds Group in October 2017. The integration of both companies has resulted in a comprehensive restructure at all levels. From senior managers through to operational executives.  Key female senior leadership team members are no longer located within the London office. In addition the diversity of departmental functions has decreased in the London office.

There is a larger concentration of employees in Finance and IT based in London.  Overall 43.8% of our London employee population are Finance and IT. Both sectors traditionally have a tendency to attract more male employees.  Our gender pay gay percentage has increased to 37.2% but we are confident that the increase is reflection of the restructure, including the movement of employees from the London to other locations and employees leaving the organisation.

As a result of Integration only two senior leadership employees remain in the London office. This has impacted our bonus figures and gender pay gap results.  

At Donvand UK Ltd we encourage applications from all gender, disability and ethnic groups and promotion and hiring decisions are always made on the capability and skill of the applicants. Please see below our company’s equal opportunities statement and recruitment policy statements.

Equal Opportunities Statement

The Company is committed to ensuring that ALL employees are treated fairly and with dignity and respect. No employee shall be treated less favourably on the grounds of their sex, sexual orientation, race, religious belief and marital status or on the grounds of disability without justification.

This statement has been written to protect both employers and employees.  

This statement applies, but without limitation, to the following: promotion, training, placement, transfer, dismissal as well as remuneration, grievance and disciplinary procedures and decisions.

Employees should be aware that in certain circumstances should they be guilty of discrimination they may be personally legally liable for their actions.

General Principles

All employees involved in the recruitment process should ensure that they have appropriate training. Employees who do not feel adequately trained to conduct recruitment and selection processes should discuss this with their line manager, Talent Acquisition or their HR representative. Employees involved in the recruitment process must be fair and open to all candidates without bias, on the grounds of gender, marital status, pregnancy, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, religious or cultural beliefs, age, irrelevant criminal record or trade union activity.

Recruitment and Selection Procedure

This procedure forms the basis for the implementation of the Recruitment Policy. The procedure has been designed to provide a framework which promotes good practice, adopts a proactive approach to equality and diversity issues and supports Donvand UK Ltd operational requirements and strategic aims. All employees involved in the recruitment and selection of employees should be aware of and adhere to this procedure. In addition, all recruiting managers must act in accordance with this procedure.

Whilst we encourage a diverse range of applicants, we are limited to the number of senior roles available in London office which will impact our gender pay gap results. As Donvand UK Ltd is no longer the head office for the wider organisation, senior roles that are not within IT and Finance are generally recruited for within another location. Within this document, I have also included pay gaps per quartile which indicate that there are much smaller gaps between male and female pay when we drill down into the various levels of pay. We are encouraged to see that the upper middle and lower middle quartiles both have an equal proportion of male and female employees. We know that the unequal distribution of men and women in senior roles is the main driver for our gender pay gap.

We are confident our gender pay gap is not the result of a systemic equal pay issue, because our pay practices and design include regular gender checks and balances. The driving factor behind our gender pay gap is a higher proportion of men in our senior roles and in certain parts of our business which attract higher market value.

Click here to view our Gender Pay Gap Report.

Cathy Webster
Senior HR Business Partner