COVID-19 Travel Updates

To help support you at this challenging time we have created this dedicated resource page to provide up-to-date information and assistance

"Hotelbeds is monitoring the situation closely and we have created this dedicated resource page where we will be updating our policies regularly.

We want to reassure you that we are doing everything possible to support you in relation to the impact of COVID-19 on travel bookings, including providing additional staff and resources. "

Confirmation of Global Force Majeure

A global force majeure is in place from March 17th (or March 18th in APAC) until June 15th:

  • This has been done in the best interests of the whole industry and travellers themselves, and is subject to regular revision or extension, depending on how the situation evolves.
  • Please note however that there are some exclusions, please see the below table and information for more details.
Destinations excluded Arrival dates (inclusive) Date cancelled (inclusive)
Domestic North and Latin America March 17th – March 31st March 17th (March 18th APAC) to March 18th (19th in APAC)
Domestic Nicaragua March 19th – March 31st March 19th (March 20th APAC) or later
April 01st – April 15th March 23rd or later
April 16th – April 30th April 01st (April 02nd APAC) or later
May 01st - May 15th April 17th or later
May 16th - May 31st April 28th or later
June 01st - June 15th May 19th or later
Domestic Guatemala, Domestic Mexico and Domestic Cuba March 19th – March 31st March 19th (March 20th APAC) or later
Domestic Mainland China April 16th – April 30th April 01st (April 02nd APAC) or later
May 01st - May 15th April 17th or later
May 16th - May 31st April 28th or later
June 01st - June 15th May 19th or later


The above applies to both refundable and non-refundable bookings with the following exceptions (for the time being):

  • Bookings where the traveller has already arrived at the destination (supplier partners can expect payment for these bookings).
  • Domestic bookings for Guatemala, Cuba and Mexico cancelled before April 01st.

Please note:

  • ‘Domestic’ refers to bookings where the both the source country where the booking was made and the destination country are the same.
  • Bookings cancelled prior to 17th March where a local force majeure was already in place (such as Italy and Spain) will still be processed and fees waived.
  • However, bookings cancelled in periods before the global force majeure came into place – or before the various extensions of the global force majeure were announced (e.g. the extension for 1-15th of May of the Global FM was made on 17 April, so will only be valid for cancelled bookings as of 17th April onwards) – will be subject to the approval of the supplier and will be processed in due time (please consider that currently there is a backlog, understandably).
  • Please be aware that local government measures and guidelines put in place by individual travel services providers – including hotels, transfer, car rental, theme parks, tours, events and other ancillaries – are leading to social distancing measures to protect travellers.

    Therefore it is likely that hotel guests may find that some facilities – for example the swimming pool, gym area, or buffet halls – will understandably not be available; equally travellers with tickets for theme parks, tours and other activities might find some elements have been adapted or removed; and in the case of multi-day tours different restrictions could be imposed by different local authorities (nonetheless we will endeavor to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information).  

    We apologise for any inconvenience these unavoidable changes may cause.

    Additionally please note that it is the responsibility of the traveller to choose the most appropriate rates – whether that be flexible or non-refundable – when booking hotels, transfers, car rentals, theme parks, tours, events and other ancillaries, according to their needs in view of current COVID-19 travel restrictions. Therefore for new bookings created as of or later than June 1st, cancellations will be processed according to the applicable terms & conditions of the booking.



Confirmation of Country Closures

In addition to the above force majeure, we would also like to notify our partners that we have adapted our systems for those countries whose governments have taken action to force the closure of hotels.

In that sense, we are no longer showing availability at the affected hotels and will be proactively cancelling all accommodation and ancillary services (transfers, car rental, activities & theme parks) bookings. For the moment this includes the following countries and periods (subject to revision and extension):


Check country list
  Country Arrival from Arrival to
(Australia) Hamilton Island March 22nd May 31st
Austria April 16th May 29th
(Brazil) Bonito April 01st April 15th
(Brazil) Buzios March 23rd May 31st
(Brazil) Goias March 23rd April 04th
(Brazil) Praia de Pipa March 31st May 31st
(Brazil) Santa Caterina April 01st April 07th
Bulgaria March 20th May 13th
Cuba April 14th June 30th
Cyprus March 21st June 08th
Czech Republic April 01st May 25th
France April 20th May 11th
Germany March 25th May 18th
Germany - Baden-Würtemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Bayern, Bremen, Sachsen May 19th May 26th
Greece March 23rd May 31st
India March 25th May 17th
Ireland April 20th July 20th
Italy (all bookings) March 25th May 03rd
Italy (domestic bookings excluded) May 04th May 18th
Malaysia March 27th May 27th
Malaysia (domestic bookings excluded) May 28th June 9th
Malta March 27th May 31st
Mauritius March 27th April 02nd
(Mexico) Yucatán April 06th May 17th
(Mexico) Acapulco (Guerrero-Mexico) April 15th May 17th
(Mexico) Ciudad de México April 15th May 30th
(Mexico) Guadalajara (Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, Jalisco, Colima-Mexico) April 15th May 17th
(Mexico) Guanajuato April 15th May 17th
(Mexico) Huatulco April 15th May 17th
(Mexico) Ixtapa (Guerrero-Mexico) April 15th May 17th
(Mexico) Los Cabos April 15th May 17th
(Mexico) Manzanillo (Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, Jalisco, Colima-Mexico) April 15th May 17th
(Mexico) Mazatlán April 15th May 30th
(Mexico) Puerto Escondido April 15th May 17th
(Mexico) Puerto Vallarta  (Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, Jalisco, Colima-Mexico) April 15th June 1st
(Philippines) Aklan Province (incl Boracay Isl) March 31st May 31st
(Philippines) Cebu March 31st May 31st
(Philippines) Metro Manila & Laguna Province March 31st May 31st
(Philippines) Rest of Luzon Island March 31st May 15th
Portugal (all bookings) March 26th May 02nd
Mainland Portugal (domestic bookings excluded) May 3rd May 15th
Madeira & Azores (Portugal-all bookings) May 3rd May 15th
Reunion Island March 27th March 31st
Seychelles March 27th April 15th
Singapore April 07th June 01st
South Africa March 26th May 01st
Spain March 26th May 10th
(Thailand) Khao Lak, Krabi, Koh Lanta, Phi Phi Island) April 06th May 31st
(Thailand) Koh Samui April 08th May 31st
(Thailand) Pattaya and Kanchanaburi April 06th May 31st
(Thailand) Phuket April 04th May 31st
(Thailand) Prachuap Khiri Khan (incl Hua Hin - Thailand) April 08th May 31st
United Kingdom March 25th July 04th
(United States) Florida Keys March 22nd May 19th
(United States) Fort Lauderdale March 23rd May 08th
(United States) Miami March 23rd May 19th
(United States) Nevada March 19th May 15th
Zanzibar March 21st May 15th
Zimbabwe April 01st May 03rd



How to modify or cancel bookings

We strongly recommend using the API and/or web to cancel and/or modify your bookings with us. 

If possible, please avoid calling the customer relationship centre (CRC) as we will process requests for refunds based on closures AND / OR the force majeure within 10 days, however refunds can take up to 30 days to process, due to external dependencies (increased volumes at banks and merchant suppliers).

Remember: all cancelations must be made before the guest arrives – otherwise we cannot guarantee a refund.

How to contact our call centre for urgent inquiries

Please be aware that we are experiencing very high levels of calls in our operations centres. We have put in place additional staff and extra shifts to cope with the demand; nonetheless understandably it is taking longer than usual to attend to inquiries and we are a truly grateful for your patience. 

If you need to contact the support centre, only do so for bookings with arrival in the next 72 hours. This allows us to prioritise our resources on the more urgent cases – something that is in everyone’s interest.

For bookings with arrival NOT in the next 72 hours: wherever possible we would like to ask you to hold back on contacting our call centres at the moment and use the API / web instead to modify or cancel your bookings. 

COVID-19 useful resources

For up-to-the-minute information on Coronavirus we recommend the following websites:

Previous updates

30/03 2020

Dear valued partner, 

Further to our previous communication on Tuesday 24 March – where we updated you on the extension of our global force majeure to 15 April and the closure of certain destinations – we wanted to update you on the latest developments.

23/03 2020

Dear valued partner,

We want to update you regarding a change in the global force majeure on bookings that we declared on Tuesday 17 March.

17/03 2020

Dear valued partners,

Right now our industry is living through an unprecedented moment and I am very aware that the travel sector has been hit even harder by the news of the last few days.


Q&A section

The force majeure situation does not apply to guests that were already in the destination at the time the force majeure was declared – and therefore hotels will receive payment for those guests.

This is a fast evolving situation and we´ll be placing regular updates here on this web page.

We are experiencing significantly higher than normal call volumes in our centres around the world due to the situation and have already deployed extra teams and resources. However, we are taking longer than normal to handle an inquiry and we would like to thank all our partners for their patience.

Wherever possible we would like to ask partners to hold back on contacting us about bookings that are not for immediate arrival (less than 72 hours). This allows us to prioritise our resources on the more important cases and that is something that is in everyone’s interest.

Wherever possible please use the self-service tools on the website or API for BOTH cancelations AND modifications. We will process refund requests due to travel restrictions or Force Majeure in the 10 days following the cancellation.

The vast majority of our staff can work remotely and our operations centres are based across many different offices around the world, operating on a ‘follow the sun’ basis with the option to switch calls to different centres if required. Therefore, we can offer continued support to partners in every conceivable scenario.

This depends on the scenario:

  • In cases where travel is restricted and force majeure applies for domestic and international, for example in Italy, then you should send a list of the affected bookings to Hotelsupport.
  • For cases where travel is not restricted, you should provide a same standard alternative room and if the end traveller decides they do not want to travel, a cancellation free of charge should be offered.
  • Finally, in the cases where you are not providing a same standard alternative or not providing an alternative at all, and if the end traveller still wants to travel, Hotelbeds will relocate the traveller and if there are any extra costs we will apply a deduction to your hotel (only for cases where Force Majeure is not applying)

In cases where a force majeure has been applied the non-refundable bookings will not be paid.

If a relocation needs to be applied (only in cases where Force Majeure is not applying), and you could not find any similar alternative to the client, please contact with our Hotelsupport department who will try to support on this process

A message for our client partners

A message for our supplier partners