Bedsonline unveils latest upgrade to its market intelligence platform, The Compass

  • The Compass is Bedsonline's award-winning market intelligence platform that harnesses the very latest data to help travel agents identify the top trending destinations and the most attractive offers available.  
  • Its powerful marketing capabilities enable agents to easily select the top offers in a trending destination and automatically create personalised and branded marketing materials to target their customers via email or WhatsApp.
  • The latest upgrade to the platform includes automatic translation into the client’s default language and the availability of real time data related to the destination and hotels based on what and how much the agent buys so the information is fully tailored to each and every Bedsonline client.

Palma, Spain, 29th June 2021 – Bedsonline, the leading global provider of online accommodation and ancillary products exclusively for travel agents, has launched the latest, upgraded version of The Compass, its award-winning market intelligence platform.

The Compass harnesses Bedsonline's real-time data to provide clients with the latest trends and up-to-date insights to help them promote the right destinations at the right time to their customers. Through its powerful search engine, travel advisors can identify market-specific booking patterns and use the filters to set their preferences when they select a destination. Once the selection is made, travel advisors can create their own personalized and branded marketing materials directly from the tool and easily share it with their customers.

This latest upgrade, which is available in all Bedsonline markets, comes with a refreshed design and new functionality including:

  • Automatic translation with information related to each destination now displayed in the client's default language.
  • More data including information on hotels and destinations not currently booked.
  • The inclusion of destination and hotels proof points meaning that from now on, travel agents will be able to see - in real time - data related to the destination and hotels based on what they buy and how much they buy so that the information is fully tailored to each and every Bedsonline client.

Since its launch in August last year, The Compass has managed over 80,000 visits for Bedsonline clients.

Paul Anthony, Digital Commercialisation Director at Hotelbeds, the parent company of Bedsonline, said: “Now that the industry is slowly recovering, it is more essential than ever to provide our clients with the best tools available to help them harness all the pent up demand that is out there. This is why we are delighted to unveil this new version of The Compass, with its added functionality and improved usability, to help our clients stay on top of the latest trends in every market.

“Since we launched The Compass last year, we have been constantly improving and enhancing its capabilities to make it the must-have tool for any travel advisor.”

About Bedsonline

Bedsonline is the leading global provider of accommodation and complementary travel products exclusively catering to travel agents. Through its online platform, it distributes accommodation, excursions, tickets and transfers to more than 60,000 travel agencies backed by local sales teams in over 30 countries covering over 100 markets globally.

The company offers an extensive portfolio of over 180,000 hotels, 25,000 transfer routes and 18,000 activities in 185 destination countries worldwide, guaranteeing high availability, competitive prices and unique offers. This portfolio is backed by personalized local service and a powerful yet intuitive booking engine making Bedsonline the defacto partner for many travel agencies around the world. 

Bedsonline is part of Hotelbeds, the world’s leading bedbank and business-to-business provider of services to the travel industry globally, headquartered in Palma, Spain.

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